What’s the deal when the air conditioning tech tries to sell you a new system because of Freon?

When the air conditioning repair tech tells you to get a new HVAC system because Freon is about to be phased out in January, what do you do?

Come 2020, there are a few changes made to the HVAC industry in Texas. As a homeowner or a business owner, you need to stay up on the latest happening when it comes to keeping your space comfortable. At AirTex, we want our customers to be educated in the ever-changing world. Here is Dave Lieber’s experience:

My A.C. guy comes over and adds a couple of pounds of Freon refrigerant to the system. Suddenly, I need to grab a sweatshirt.

Along with this, every year like clockwork, my A.C. guy — and there’s not only one here — tries to sell me a new unit. He explains that the old refrigerant, Freon R-22, will be phased out by January 2020.

Yeah, sure, OK. Whatever. Just give me a couple of pounds, and I’ll see you next year.

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably heard some version of this sales rap, too.

But this year was different.

The other week, when warm air blew out, my annual 2-pound Freon leak had grown to a record 8 pounds. That’s an environmental hazard.

My penalty? The charge for a pound of Freon (a registered trademark of the Chemours Co.) from this company went from $65 a pound last year to $95 a pound this year. I decided that spending more than $700 for a recharge didn’t make sense.

I did something you may not want to do.

I fell for the rap. I converted my system to the new refrigerant, called R410A, also known as Puron. I spent thousands on buying a new condenser, new evaporator coil, and the new refrigerant.

Was it necessary?

After decades in use, the production of R-22 comes to a halt in eight months by government order. Apparently, it’s important enough to save the ozone level in the atmosphere that the federal government mandated this phase-out to make way for the new refrigerant.

You don’t have to make the conversion. But the cost of Freon is likely going to climb and climb, so it’s almost prohibitive to keep using it. That’s the plan.

I didn’t have to do it. I could have kept pouring money into recharges. I could have asked them to find the leak and try to seal it.

I even could have tried to convert my system for a lower price without upgrading all the parts. Maybe.

I decided to take the plunge.

Should you?

You can read more about this article here. As for us, we at AirTex want to do what is right for our clients. If you have questions regarding Freon, call us for more information. Find out more today! Learn More

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