There are many new products and gadgets available to install in your home; from Thermostats that learn your homes routine, Smoke Alarms, Video Doorbells and Alarm Systems. The Future is here and ready to protect your home! The Nest family of products gives you Wi-Fi access to all these products from the touch of your phone. Turning your home into a ‘smart home’ without breaking the bank.

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat has a universal heat pump/air conditioner controller with WIFI capabilities that you can control in-person at home or on your iPhone or Android from anywhere. The learning thermostat paired with such a powerful mobile app, after a week Nest has learned your homes routines and temperature fluctuations that helps adjust your ac/heater just so that it improves the efficiency of your unit and saves you money on utility bills.


  • The Nest Hello Video Doorbell has earned high marks for its facial recognition technology and sharp video resolution. With 24/7 live streaming, HDR imaging and night vision available you will never miss a visitor (invited or not) nor a delivery. Nest Hello also has HD Talk and Listen. So, you can answer the door (there or not)  with the ‘Quick Responses’ that play a voice message through the speaker at the door with a tap of your finger. This is great when you are in that office meeting, but do not want to miss that package being delivered today. Simply tap the Quick Response that says, “You can leave it. Thanks!”


  • The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm that thinks, speaks, and send those alerts your phone. This Smoke detector is very innovative, no more chirp noises to tell you that the batteries need changed. The Nest Protect tests its own battery life and gives you daily updates, so you know everything is always working. Equipped with a Split Spectrum Sensor that looks for both fast burning and smoldering fires as well as CO Carbon Monoxide pollutants, the smoke detector even pinpoints where the danger is in your home and sends you an alert.

All Nest products work seamless with each other and with a number of  other smart devices you may already own. When you are ready to save money on utilities, increase your home’s safety, Nest is a great place to start!! Which Nest products interest you the most?


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