This is a great email we received recently about the Air Scrubbers we sell here at AirTex. It was such fantastic news we had to share it with our Customers.


Finally, the HVAC Industry has a COVID-19 test result you can take to the bank!

Conducted under stringent requirements in an FDA Certified Compliant Lab, and done according to FDA protocols, this test pitted COVID-19 against ActivePure technology

The results were stunning.

Air Scrubber Technology Came Out A Clear Winner!

Previous “so called” lab tests by other companies have been highly questionable at best – and were certainly NOT done according to FDA protocols. It is also unlikely they even used COVID-19 for their test.

But this time, it was all done according to standards set by the FDA, and done at an FDA Certified Compliant Lab. The Hydroxyl Blaster was selected because it uses only ActivePure cells and a fan. No other technology was used. This would be similar to using an Air Scrubber installed in an HVAC system. results speak for themselves. Contractors’ customers will be sold on the benefits of Air Scrubber when they have valid testing that is more than something slapped together to address their COVID concerns.

Share the link with customers. This is huge news for anyone who wants to see their IAQ profits multiply!

Tom Lozano
Vice President of Business Development

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