Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Reap the Numerous Rewards of Going Ductless!

Install the best mini split system at your Lubbock, TX property

Mini-split HVAC systems are the perfect ductless solution for any space or room. These wall mounted units fit almost anywhere, they are a very popular choice for many small homes and business owners and that add-on garage . Mini-split systems are an alternative to window units and prevent the need to extend or install ductwork.

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Cost Effectiveness & Energy Efficient


Compact Size & Flexible Zoning


Control Temperatures in Individual Rooms or Spaces


Ductless System = Easy Installation


Easily add Air Purification to your Ductless System

The Experts Can Help

There are many variables at play when considering a mini split air conditioner for your home or office. Purchasing on your own can be very difficult, its crucial to find out which equipment offers the right capacity for your heating and cooling needs. An AirTex expert will assess your home and perform load calculations to ensure that you get the right ductless heating and cooling solution that fits your homes needs.

Your first question is probably, “What size mini split do I need?” This is a question that needs to be answered by a trained professional. You’re probably also wondering, “How much do mini split systems cost?” Again, that is something that can’t be answered without the help of an experienced heating and cooling technician. With AirTex, you can feel confident that you are dealing with true experts and are receiving the best mini split system we have to offer. Call us for a free Estimate today!