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Through our fantastic offers, we can help save you thousands on costly heating and cooling repairs. With the Air Scrubber Discount, Preventative Maintenance Plans, and Free Estimates, you can save on heating and cooling with AirTex. Check out these offers below!

Air Scrubber Discount

Air Scrubbers are clinically proven to reduce odor, dust, mold, pollen, and many other air contaminants in your home or office. Now FDA approved to kill Covid-19, influenza, strep throat and other viruses and bacteria. With the Aerus Air Scrubber you have the ability to control your air quality! 

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Preventative Maintenance

Call us us today to schedule preventative maintenance! During these services, a technician will inspect, evaluate, and clean your unit making needed adjustments and repairs. These regular tune-ups ensure the longevity of your system during the harsh seasonal shifts. We highly recommend our bi-annual plan for anyone looking to lengthen the life of their A/C System. 

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Free Estimates

At AirTex we like to take the time and care to educate our customers on the products we provide. Working together with you, we make sure you are equipped with all the information needed to make the best decisions for you and your home or business. Rest assured, we only recommend the options that best benefit you. 

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